Friday, July 10, 2015


The Italian clun Juventus also called THE OLD LADY OF TURIN. They are bound to loose their midfielder, the Frenchman Paul Pogba , who is only twenty odd years old but has a great deal of talent no doubt about it. It appears his head and heart are all set on a move from Juventus to Barcelona. But as Barcelona are now punished by F.I.F.A from either buying or selling a player till 1/1/2016. He will move there after that date only. Juventus then wanted to buy the Brazilian Oscar from Chelsea, but Jose Mourinho has said he does not want to sell Oscar for a year or two. And Juventus can not wait that long. Now Juventus have decided to buy the German midfielder , but who is of Turkish decent, and who plays for Arsenal , Mesut Ozil, they are willing to offer twenty nine million pounds for him. But you see Arsene wenger has now given the jersey number ten from Mikel Arteta to Mesut Ozil, and wants him to be the central figure in the Arsenal attack. And he makes Arsenal tick away, and do not forget Arsenal paid 42.5 million pounds for him, and where is 29 million pounds. But mind you here this deal will only be made if Juventus do finally sell these players Arturo Vidal and Paul Pogba.

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