Friday, November 20, 2015


The famous El Clasico matches played between the two Spanish giants and arch rivals as well. just do not finish on the pitch it is even carried out to the car parking place as well. So tense is the atmosphere both these giants just can not afford to let their standard or position slip at al. Xavi Hernandez who played for Barcelona for a period of eleven years and twenty two El Clasicos matches should know. He says our fans are very emotional and can get angry if we lose the El Clasico they want to kill us in our cars if we lose the important match. Last year they all attacked the car of Welsh winger Gareth Bale, with the intention of harming him. Xavi Hernandez has also this to say Manchester United fans applauded their team , even when they came seventh a few years ago. Such things will never happen in Spain after a El Clasico match. It is a much more tense match on and off the field as well. In fact if you go into a cab in Barcelona wearing your Real Madrid Jersey, the cabbie will flatly refuse to take yo to the Camp Nou. Streets are deserted in madrid as well as Barcelona. This year authorities have told the crowds to respect the players and their cars this time.

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