Thursday, June 9, 2016


The twenty clubs in the E.P.L have made huge profits from Television money, which was a huge sum of two Billion pounds in all. Now Arsenal have made much more money compared to Leicester City, even though Arsenal had come second in the table for the year 2015/2016,Leicester City had won the E.P.L. Arsenal were paid 101 one hundred and one million pounds , while Leicester City were given 93, ninety three million pounds. Now you may ask why is there such a huge difference in payment between the two club . From the two billion pounds prize money , than fifty percent of the the money was divided equally among the twenty clubs that played in the E.P.L last year. then 25 percent of the money was given to the clubs according to their finishing in the table. And the next 25 percent of the money went to clubs who played more games like in the F.A CUP, CHAMPION LEAGUE and the CAPITAL ONE CUP. A great deal depended on the progress the clubs made n these cups and the matches were shown on television. A point to note here is that all the E.P.L matches are not shown on television every weekend, some are only shown partly when a goal is scored at halftime of a match so there money is lost to clubs. Arsenal made more money than any other English club , mainly as they had progressed more than Leicester City in these cups, and Leicester City did not play in the champion league last year.

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