Thursday, June 9, 2016


The Spanish giants Real Madrid are now very keen to buy the young French midfielder Paul Pogba from the Italian giants Juventus , also often called THE OLD LADY OF TURIN. So desperate are Real Madrid to buy him , that they are willing to pay 96, ninety six million pounds for his services they are now willing to make the deal even sweeter for Juventus, they are willing to give ISCO F free as well in that dreal. but why are Real Madrid so desperate for buying big stars. The answer is that Real Madrid will now be facing a transfer ban from F.I.F.A, From the month of 1/1/2017 to 1/1.2018. Barcelona faced the same ban from F.I.F.A a year ago, but Barcelona won five trophies that year , I strongly wonder how many trophies REAL Madrid can win in that one year. But please kindly note Real Madrid can buy a player but they can not register him with F.I.F.A, they can buy a player and pay his weekly salary , but he can not play a single game till 1/1/2018. Barcelona brought two players during their ban Arda Turan and .and Alexis Vidal. And by the way this ninety five million pounds for Paul Pogba is a new record for a footballer, it breaks the previous record of Gareth Bales , eighty six million pounds record. After all this is one transfer window in which Real Madrid will really have to spend really big money.As they can no lnger buy a player in the next two transfer windows.

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