Monday, June 27, 2016


Lionel Messi the little Argentinian wonder kid who has won a total of five Ballon d'OR, the most by a footballer in history. And even though he ha won scored sacks of goals with his club F.C.Barcelona, and won trophies by the dozen over there with Barcelona. But sadly it has not been the same case with Argentina, he has failed to win a single major trophy with Argentina, even though he has reached and played a total of four finals that is world cups as well as COPA AMERICA. But Lionel Messi can now retire and the world should respect his decision after all. Now he can very well retire from football for Argentina knowing very well that he has now the top goal scorer for Argentina , with a total of 55, fifty five goals, as he has one more goal then the great Gabriel Batistuta , who has a total of 54, fifty four goals. But what we must be aware of is that Lionel Messi had very bad hormone deficiency as a child , and the Spanish club F.c. Barcelona were were the only club willing to treat him, and the first contract between Mr Jorge Messi , his father and Barcelona made that contract on a tissue paper at a hotel, as Barcelona were also not sure ,how long Lionel Messi would play for them. Now it is reported as well that both Sergio Aguero as well as Javier Mascherano to may retire from the as well.

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