Saturday, July 15, 2017


The Chilean striker Alexis Sanchez has made it crystal clear that he wants to leave Arsenal very badly. But the reason he gave was , that he wanted to play for a club that is playing in the Champion League next year. But Arsene wenger has made himself also very clear and he will not be selling Alexis Sanchez, in this summer transfer or for the matter in the January transfer window. He can either sign a new contract or walk out as a free agent next summer. But he Alexis Sanchez must remember this he along with his Arsenal players were responsible for missing out on the Champion League this year, had they won that match with Crystal Palace they would have qualified they failed by a single point. But Arsene wenger did not fail Arsenal fans he and Arsenal scored 75, seventy five points in 2016/2017 but failed to qualify for the Champion league. And in the 2015/2016 Arsenal scored 71, seventy one points and finished second behind Leicester City. He can join any club who will give him 400,000 pounds as weekly salary, but he should also remember that with that salary he must score 90, ninety goals a year a hat trick each match. Now that is not impossible as Lionel Messi did score ninety goals for Barcelona in 2012. Alexis Sanchez must remember that Arsenal own him and he does not own Arsenal ,so no need to dictate terms of transfer, Arsenal will tell him where to go.

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