Sunday, July 9, 2017


The Brazilian Spanish striker Diego Costa who was told by text only by Antonio Conte that no longer is going to play for Chelsea in the 2017/2018 season. Diego Costa wants o make a move to Spain, with his old club Atletico Madrid. But now as Atletico Madrid face a transfer ban by F.I.F.A, he can be bought by the Spanish club, but the F.I.F.A rules clearly say that any player brought by a club, has to be registered by F.I.F.A , and now Atletico Madrid can only register him on 1/1/2018, when the ban is lifted by F.I.F.A.And he can sign up as a player but can not play a single game. the relations between Diego Costa and the Chelsea club have become very much strained and hit rock bottom. Diego Costa who is on holiday in Brazil, has told Chelsea he has no desire whatsoever to even look at Antonio Conte;s face. So there is no chance he will return to Chelsea soon. Atletico Madrid have made a bid for Diego Costa, in the range of 22, twenty two million pounds. Chelsea want more, but Atletico Madrid will not pay much more as he will be a player not playing games for Chelsea, the price will fall the longer he is not playing. But Diego costa as two years legt on his contract with Chelsea.

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