Sunday, July 9, 2017


Some transfers really are crazy w will look at two of them, sometimes they defy logic altogether. 1) Reuben Neves the 20, twenty year old midfielder from the Portuguese giants F.C.Porto has now gone and decided to join the English club called Wolverhampton, also called WOLVES. He was sold by F.C.Porto for a fee o 15.8.milllion pounds, quite a huge sum for a club to pay for a youngster, who is vastly talented. In fact he was looked very closely by both Liverpool as well as Arsenal, a few years ago. But then F.C.Porto were not at all keen to sell their little jewel then. But why join a club playing in the second division in England? After all F.C.Porto are playing every year in the Champion League? One reason is that the manager of the Wolverhampton club is the former manager of F.C.Porto in Portugal. 2) In the year 2006, just after the world cup that year , two world cup stars joined a struggling club in the E.P.L called West Ham United, both were from Argentina, Carlos Tevez and Javier Mascherano, things did not look good it looked dodgy, and it was proved beyond doubt that the Carlos Tevez deal was not correct as a third party was involved here, which is not allowed by F.I.F.A. Carlos Tevez scored many goals and single headedly kept West Ham united up that year. Javier Mascherano was sold to Liverpool and then Barcelona. He was considered a failure at Liverpool but a hero at Barcelona a cult figure I must say.

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