Wednesday, July 5, 2017


The French club Monaco , are getting far to greedy for words, and so are their players. Just because they won the title in France last year , the club are asking far to much for their players I must say. 1) Kylian Mbappe their striker of 18, eighteen years old with only 15, fifteen goals in the last season for Monaco, is being sold for 15, one hundred and twenty five million pounds. Is he worth that much? Being realistic a teenager costing you so much will be a very, very big amble I must say. Now he wants a weekly salary to be the second highest in the world. Sheer madness I must say. 2) Monaco was Arsenal to pay a huge sum for their very young winger Thomas Lemar. The club wanted 80, eighty million for him, then what would is salary be? Mind you both had just one good season, and they think that they are as good as Lionel Messi, or Cristiano Ronaldo. There are every chance that Monaco could be fighting relegation next year, Like Leicester City did last year and Chelsea the previous year.

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