Thursday, May 3, 2018


Both Liverpool and Real Madrid have gone and reached the champion League final match for the year 2017/2018 . In the second leg of the Champion league semi final match, which ended with a aggregate of 7-6 in favour of Liverpool. But actually the A..S. Roma were clearly denied a legal penalty in the match. The A.S Roma striker Stephen El Arsharvy. when kicking the ball for a goal, the ball hit the outstretched hand of the Liverpool defender Alexander Arnold., But no penalty was given But what does the F.I.F.A rules say about this ? The F.I.F.A rules very clearly state that if a outstretched hand hits the ball, when it is on the way, it is a penalty , as it obstructs the move of the ball. Now in their quarter final match Liverpool knocked out Manchester City, as there to a penalty should have been given to Manchester City. Real Madrid knocked out Bayern Munich in the semi final match and Bayern Munich were denied not one but two penalties. Marcelo clearly let the ball hit his hand, and he admitted that it should have been a penalty. Robert Lewandowski , was brought down in the box by Sergio Ramos, in a similar way Vazquez was brought down in the Juventus Real madid match. And mind you there were two penalties not given to Bayern Munich in the first leg. U.E.F.A and their referees are absolutely disgusting blind bats. It really looks like Real Madrid buy their champion League each year. NO WONDER THE OWNERS DEMANDED THAT U.E.F.A WILL ACCEPT V.A.R NEXT SEASON.

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