Thursday, May 3, 2018


this year Barcelona won both the Spanish La liga as well as the Kings cup, or the COPA DEL REY CUP. Barcelona took the ride in a open bus through the city of Barcelona, thousands and thousands of fans lined the streets to get a glimpse of their hero's. They took photograph of the main players, he team players the staff and even the very youngsters of the club, were all felt very important not a single player or staff were ignored. At the same time last year Real Madrid won the Spanish La Liga , as well as the champion league trophy. They too had a open air bus ride through the city of Madrid. But there was one big difference here. The Real Madrid team as well as Cristiano Ronaldo demanded that his the BALLOON d"OR trophy should be on the open bus for the ride in the city of Madrid. Please note here this was a club showing the trophy they won during the season, and it was nota bus to show individual trophies , but Cristiano Ronaldo and his very big ego got the better of him. At Barcelona Andres Iniesta with tears in his eyes took photographs with each and every Barcelona player and staff, that just shows Barcelona are a team on and of the pitch.

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