Thursday, May 3, 2018


The French giants P.S.G are now very keen to buy the young Danish midfielder Cristian Erikson, who plays for Tottenham Hotspurs. now Cristian Erikson the Danish midfielder , who has now been playing for the English club Tottenham Hotspurs , for the past five years. Now it appears that the French club P.S.G. are now willing to pay a huge sum of 100, a hundred million pounds to buy the Danish footballer Cristian Erikson. But now what we must not forget here is that Cristian Erikson had joined Tottenham Hotspurs five years ago from the Dutch giants Ajax, for a very small fee of just 11, eleven million pounds then. But a few things come to the mind here, that as Denmark have qualified for the 2018 , world cup in Russia, and his price will increase according to what he does at the world cup. Another point here is to remember that P.S.G are being investigated by U.E.F.A for breaking FINANCIAL FAIR PLAY RULES. And as it is the second time P.S.G , are being investigated by U.E.F.A. P.S.G could have big points cut and could also be thrown out of the champion League. So then who would want to join P.S.G. ?

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