Sunday, May 13, 2018


Honestly the football clubs in Europe have gone absolutely mad, and quite disappointing I must say. Ley us look at the English club Fulham, who are now playing in the second division in England. Now the club Fulham are asking a very huge and crazy sum of money to buy the 17, seventeen year old winger Ryan Sessegnon , Fulham have now gone and placed a huge price tag on the young teenager, the price s a staggering one million pounds. Have the club justified the price.? It is far to crazy and a ridiculous price for a youngster , the price could kill off the career of the youngster, mind you if he is going to cost a million ponds his weekly salary will be 200,000 two hundred thousand pounds, or for the matter he may even ask a weekly salary of 300,000three hundred thousand pounds. Then in this case he must score a hat trick in each match. And he want be doing it in his lifetime, so he will only be shamelessly milk the club he joins. Alexis Sanchez can not do it either can Mesut it. If this youngster can do these two things like what Lionel Messi did, the Argentinean striker scored a hat trick at the age of nineteen against Real Madrid. Ronaldinho at the age of 13 thirteen years scored 21 twenty one goals in a single match for Gremio , in Brazil. Both Tottenham Hotspurs were interested in buying the youngster but Tottenham hotspurs have spent close to a Billion pounds on their new stadium, so they are not going to have this money and Manchester United want to buy Neymar for 200 two hindered million pounds and also pay him a yearly salary of 30, thirty million pounds as well.

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