Sunday, May 13, 2018


Arsene wenger was the manager of Monaco for seven years and Monaco had a very young pacey winger called Thierry Henry, now Monaco sold Thierry Henry to the Italian giants Juventus, also called the OLD LADY OF TURIN. But Henry was not happy at Juventus , as he was a winger then and having a lot of players at Juventus he was always more on the bench. Arsene wenger the manager of Arsenal , flew to Italy to watch a match to be played between Juventus and Udinese. On the return trip Thierry Henry was on the same plane as Arsene Wenger, they exchanged their phone numbers . Later on Arsene wenger spoke to Thierry Henry and offered him a chance to join Arsenal. Thierry accepted the offer and the rest is history of course. But Arsene wenger brought Thierry Henry for just 11 , eleven million pounds then, and told him he was wasting his talent as winger at Juventus, and at Arsenal he would play as a striker . Arsene wenger had a real gift of spotting real young talented footballers. Thierry Henry left Arsenal after being sold to Barcelona, Arsenal got sixteen million pounds from Barcelona t the end of Arsenal career for Thierry Henry.

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