Wednesday, July 25, 2018


The Spanish giants real Madrid who have now gone and sold their star striker Cristiano Ronaldo to the Italian giants Juventus for a very huge fee of 100, a hundred million EUROS. But now the Spanish giants are on the look out for really good striker to replace Cristiano Ronaldo at Real Madrid. The two strikers short listed are the Argentinean Mauro Icardi , and the famous Uruguayan striker Edison Cavani, now Edison Cavani is playing his club football in France with P.S.G And Mauro Icardi is playing his club football in Italy with Inter Milan. But the problem with Mauro Icardi is that Inter Milan have put a buy out clause of ,98 ninety eight million pounds for him and that is to much as you see he could not even get a place in the Argentinean world cup team. But Edison Cavani has gone and made it very clear that he will only talk with his club P.S.G, but one thing is clear he will not push his way out of the club. Edison Cavani has been five years with P.S.G and has scored 170, one hundred and seventy goals. But the real big sticking point will be the very big salary of the Uruguayan which is a huge 12 twelve million Euros or 10.7 ten point seven million pounds in a year, and to add to this is two million Euros as a bonus .

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