Monday, July 30, 2018


The German manager Thomas Tuchell who is the new manager of the French champions P.S.G. Now in the club friendly matches played before the new season really does start, so clubs went on the foreign trip . Arsenal played the French club P.S.G.Now P.S.G play in the champion league each year but sadly Arsenal, are playing in the EUROPEA League for the past two years. In this match between Arsenal and P.S.G Arsenal defeated P.S.G with a score of 5-1 win. But Thomas Tuchell mocked Arsenal by saying Is it not true that Arsenal are playing in the EUROPA League? Yes Arsenal are playing in the Europa League n, but here a Europa league club has defeated a champion league club P.S.G. and convincingly too. Let me also remind Thomas Tuchell that P.S.G in their entire history have never progressed beyond the Quarter finals in the champion league. While Arsenal have reached the champion league final, where they lost to mighty Barcelona with a score of 2-1. By the way Arsenal have never and will never buy a footballer for 220, two hundred and twenty million Euros or 198, one hundred and nighty eight million pounds. And Arsenal never pays a footballer a yearly salary of 32, thirty two million pounds a year , as only P.S.G pay Neymar. Arsenal will always pay their managers more then their players, why should you pay a player more then the manager?

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